Lotus Large Ash Handmade Bark Bound Post Bound Photo Album

Lotus Collection
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Product Story

"The Lotus flower within" is one of man's divine gifts” A meditative design which represents wisdom in Eastern literature … the Lotus.

Wisdom will live long in the mind of mankind. This is symbolized by the Lotus flower and is found at the heart of Eastern literature. Profoundly moving with a meditative design … the Lotus Post Bound Photo Album.   Handmade from natural tree bark which is hand embossed in a diamond frame which encases an ancient lotus design, the whole dyed an ash colour. The Lotus graces the front cover with calm and consciousness. A heavenly and beautiful collection. The Lotus Handmade Post Bound Photo Album is unique and versatile as its allows you the freedom to choose the style of page you like. You can add more pages or have less pages, the choice is yours and we will build the album for you as you desire. Lovingly presented in an earth tone cotton gift bag.


Product Details

  • Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen in the northern villages of Thailand. We focus on the details and intricacies of each piece rather than mass produce.
  • Handmade from natural bark, a planet-friendlier option.
  • A remarkable hand embossed three-dimensional Lotus design in a diamond shape which represents mankind's wisdom in Eastern teaching.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 35cm x 28cm
  • MATERIAL treebark