handmade giraffe mug, with 3d handle

Welcome to the enchanting world of Blue Witch

Unparalleled creativity. The Blue Witch brand is in a league of its own in terms of design and innovation.

The artist's passion is fuelled by life and nature: in truth the whole world is their muse. Blue Witch has marked its territory within the ceramic world and is universally well-loved.

Dedication by the Artist. Each Blue Witch item is painstakingly created by a talented artist who is patiently trained continuously; they hand paint meticulously over and over until the perfect piece has been created. This is a true labour of love: we concentrate on the fine details rather than mass produce on a large scale. Making the ordinary extraordinary. Even the simplest ideas are transformed into a fun and exciting product. Blue Witch 3D coffee mugs have achieved world renown due to their unique handles.

You can view our entire range of mugs in the ceramic section, which also includes a quirky table top collection which has a flair for the unconventional. The success of this iconic brand is thanks to the journey of hard work and love of what we do combined with one of a kind workmanship. Celebrate individuality. Each piece is unique and expresses its own character. The one you buy for yourself might be slightly different from the one you bought as a gift because each item is created individually and each artist makes it personal!